Frequently Ask Questions

Pasteur Pharmacy carries products from vintage days to now and that’s what we are known for. People often call, walk-in, email or message us in social media regarding our shaving lines, hair care products, shaving brushes, razors, soaps, skin care and medicine related questions as well.

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Pasteur's Points Policy


Pasteur’s Points are given to help you save money on your checkout here at You can use points in your reward balance as discount for your future purchases at our store.

For example: 100 Points equals $4.00 and 1,000 Points equal to $40.00, etc.
You can use these points for future purchases.

You can earn Pasteur’s Point couple of ways.

  • Signup to our website.
  • Simply purchasing items at our website. (Order above 65$)
  • Referral friends to signup.
  • Participating in some of our events.

Maximum 3000 Points are allowed to spend for an order.
Pasteur’s Points do not have any cash value.

Pasteur’s points may be capped at a minimum value required for redemption. If this option is selected you will not be able to use your reward points until you accrue a minimum number of points, at which point they will become available for redemption.

Pasteur’s points may also be capped at the maximum value of points which can be accrued. If this option is selected you will need to redeem your accrued points before you are able to earn more points.

Does Pasteur Pharmacy offer curbside pickup?

Yes, Pasteur Pharmacy now offers contactless curbside pickup at both locations. Select your products online and place an order or place an order over the phone for curbside pickup in as little as one hour.

How long your order will be held at the store: ?

7 days. If your order isn’t picked up after this time period, your order will be canceled and you’ll be refunded your payment. If you need more time, contact the store to request an extension.

How does curbside pickup work at Pasteur Pharmacy?

Place your order through the pickup site by choosing your nearest store. You’ll receive an email when your order is ready, then choose curbside pickup. For contactless curbside pickup, follow the instructions in the email to notify a team member you’ve arrived, then complete the pickup form with your vehicle details. A team member will place the order in your trunk, or wherever you prefer based on your method of travel.

What items can I get through curbside pickup at Pasteur Pharmacy?

Retail products available for pickup or curbside pickup include household and cleaning supplies, cough & cold relief products, diapering, grocery items, medicines & treatments, and more. Build a cart and finalize your order online. Same-day pickup is available for both locations for orders placed before 3:30pm.

Does Pasteur Pharmacy offer curbside pickup for non-prescription items?

Yes, curbside pickup is an option at both location of Pasteur Pharmacy. Select retail products are now available for curbside pickup based on availability.

Does Pasteur Pharmacy offer same-day delivery for non-prescription products?

Yes, Pasteur Pharmacy offers same-day delivery for select retail products. Learn about our prescription delivery options to see how you can skip a trip to the pharmacy.

What same day shopping options does Pasteur Pharmacy offer?

Pasteur Pharmacy offers two new convenient shopping options to help you get what you need the same day: curbside pickup and same-day delivery. Choose a service that works best for your needs, and let us do the shopping for you!

Are you open to public ?

We are certainly open to the public. Our temporary walk-in hours:

Midtown: 53 East 34th St, New York, NY, 10016.

Phone Number: (212) 838-2500

Mon- Fri: 8AM–5:30PM
Sat: 10AM–3PM
Sun: Closed

East Side: 806 Lexington Ave. New York, NY, 10065.

Phone Number: (212) 683-3838

Mon- Fri: 8AM–6PM
Sat: 10AM–5PM
Sun: Closed

Some hours may vary.

How do I send a new prescription to Pasteur Pharmacy?

Any licensed doctor can send a prescription to Pasteur Pharmacy, just ask him to e-prescribe your medicine to your nearest Pasteur Pharmacy location. 

Once we receive it, we will work on it and contact you to set the pick up time or even better, a free delivery if you are in the area.

How do I get my prescriptions transferred to Pasteur Pharmacy from a different pharmacy?

Simply provide us with the basic information regarding your prescription (such as, name of the medication, pharmacy information and prescriber’s name.) 

We will contact the other pharmacy and we’ll let you know once it’s ready.

For more information, you can go to  “manage your RX” > “Transfer Prescriptions” in our Home Page.

Do you accept my Insurance Card?

Yes, we do accept most insurance plans. Just contact our pharmacist.

Deductibles? Copays? I’m confused.

We’ll help dealing with your insurance company to get you an affordable price.

Does Pasteur's offer free shipping ?

Unfortunately, Free shipping is offer for Retail Online Orders. Contact your Pasteur’s pharmacist for more information. 

When and where do you deliver?

Pasteur Pharmacy offers free delivery to the Upper East Side, Midtown East, Sutton Place, Turtle Bay, Murray Hill, Tudor City, and Gramercy in Manhattan to your office, home, wherever you may be.

There just need to be someone (a relative, friend, doorman, colleague) to receive your medication when it arrives.

We deliver Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM and Saturday  10 AM to 3 PM.

Is delivery really free?

Yes! we offer free delivery within the area with no minimum order, you just have to pay your copays if there’s one.

Who will deliver my medication?

All of our couriers undergo rigorous background checks and training, including the DOT Commercial Bicyclist Safety Course and HIPAA security training to ensure your privacy, your medication will arrive in a discreet, tamper sealed package and only you and your pharmacist will know what’s inside.

Can I order for a family member?

Yes. It’s easy to manage your family’s medication with Pasteur Pharmacy. Ask your doctor to send new prescriptions directly to one of our stores or transfer your family’s refills to Pasteur Pharmacy. 

How do I refill my medication?

Pasteur Pharmacy offers smart refills so you never have to worry about your medication. We coordinate with your doctor and insurance company to make sure you never run out of the medication you need or pay too much for a prescription. 

Is my information secure?

Your information is always safe with us. We store all of your personal data in an encrypted HIPAA-compliant environment.

What if my prescription requires a prior authorization?

We work with your doctor and insurance company to quickly and efficiently handle your prior authorization. We’ll keep you updated so you know exactly how long the process will take.

Do you deliver controlled substances?

Yes. For controlled substances, we will need to verify your identity before we deliver.

How can I get an FSA receipt?

To get a copy of your FSA receipt, sign in to RxLocal via the iOS app or website Patient Portal and click “Your Orders” from the navigation menu. Open the order for which you need a receipt and click “View Receipt,” where you will be able to export your FSA receipt as a PDF.

What if I have a special request?

Feel free to ask your pharmacist. We offer medication syncing, medication counseling, delivery of temperature controlled medications, appointment reminders, Over-the-counter items and health-related products and more. We work with you to manage your medication.

Can I order over the phone?

You bet! We’d love to talk to you on the phone. Just give us a call, toll free, at (212) 683-3838 or (212) 838-2500 Mon- Fri: 8AM–5PM and Sat: 10AM–3PM Eastern Stardard Time.

Can I change and/or cancel an order once it has been placed?

No, we are unable to make any changes or cancel an order once placed.

Can I add to my already existing order?

For sure! just let us know as soon as you recall something you forgot so we can add it to your order.

If the order was placed online you must contact customer service.

Why were some of my items cancelled?

If it contained alcohol or compressed air we had to cancel that item from your order if it was an international address, as shipping regulations would not allow us to ship such items overseas (a disclaimer should be noted on the product’s individual web page). We do apologize for any inconvenience, but we did issue you a refund for that item. Please do note, though, that it may take a few days for it to reflect on your Paypal or credit card account.

Why is the system rejecting my credit card?

The most common issue is if the billing address you provided us with does not match that of your credit card’s billing address (please double check for any typos). The second most common cause is international banks, which don’t support the fraud system our credit card processor uses. For international orders, we recommend you check out through Paypal to avoid this problem. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or questions related to payment.

Can I make a purchase by doing a split payment (i.e. multiple payments forms)?

Temporary, our system cannot accept split payments, however you could either purchase a gift certificate (which is e-mailed to you), and pay with that, along with your credit-card/Paypal.

Is it possible to pay with check or money order?

We do not accept checks or money-orders. 

Can I pay with my gift-card (e.g. Visa, American Express)?

In order to be able to place an order with a gift-card, you would first need to register your card (by calling the card’s customer service number). They should either ask for your entire billing address, or simply your zip-code. You might want to ask them how long it takes for their system to update that information, as it may take 24 hours or more. When that information has been updated, you would then be able to place your order (either online or over the phone) as normal.

Why my order is On-hold ?

If you pay with PayPal in order to complete your order we have to verify your PayPal email address.

If you haven’t made or authorized any purchase, please, contact PayPal support service immediately, and email us to [email protected] for having your money back.

Is my information secure?

Your information is always safe with us. We store all of your personal data in an encrypted HIPAA-compliant environment.

Do you sell / give away my contact information ?

Of course not! You can trust us.

Do you keep my Credit Card Information ?

For your security, we do not. Thus, the reason you continually have to punch in those numbers when completing your order with us–for your personal identity safety.

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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